Terms of Booking

Terms of reservations

The offered prices might change until the moment of the reservation, depending on the availability of the apartments. Every offer is valid for five (5) days after it’s sent.

A payment in advance is necessary in order to confirm the reservation. Due to the regulations of EOT, the payment in advanced may reach the percentage of 20% - 50% of the total fee. Any payment in advance will not be returned unless there is a cancelation (please see the terms of cancelation) and it will be withholded from the total fee. The deposit of the payment in advance can be accomplished through a bank account. Any extra bank charges for the transaction will concern the customer.

Cancelation of apartment or room reservation

A customer must: a) Accept the apartment that has been reserved by himself/herself or by a delegate, unless it is invalid accordingly to the purchase order. B) Keep the reserved apartment until the time of departure. Otherwise he/she must compensate with the half price of the total fee for the rest days that have not been used.

Should a customer books an apartment in order to use it for specific period of time and ultimately he/she will not arrive at all or uses part of the purchased days, must compensate the apartment’s manager with the half price of the total fee (that is pre-arranged ) for the period that has not been used. Should there is a warning in advance – at least 21 days – the apartment’s manager owes immediately to refund the any payment in advance that has been made by the customer.

Hours of arrival and departure

The day of arrival is charged as a whole day, regardless the time of the customer’s arrival. The day of departure will not be charged, although the customer must evacuate the room no later than 12.00 pm. Should the customer occupies the room after 12.00 pm and until 18.00 pm, he/she must pay half the price of the fee/day. Any further occupation of the room past 18.00 pm, the customer must pay the whole fee/day. If the customer refuses to pay the apartment’s manager, then the manager has the right to discard the customer’s luggage.


After the customer arrives at the hotel, he/she must protect his/hers personal & valuable items. The apartment’s manager will not be held responsible under any circumstance for any loss of the customer’s personal & valuable items. Additionally, the apartment’s manager is not responsible for any damage or loss to the customer’s personal or valuable items, due to force majeure (earthquake, fire etc.)

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